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Selling ad opportunities to package goods companies/agencies

The operator of a loyalty program that includes a diverse group of outlets - shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, schools, sports, retail - wanted to maximize the opportunities to sell targeted product offers to those customers most likely to be interested in those offers. The OneAnalytix solution uses all transaction data to determine what products that the person hasn't purchased might be of interest to that customer. This information is of great value to the companies that sell those products such as consumer goods companies (FMCG), advertising agencies, insurance companies, credit card companies, banks, etc.

The OneAnalytix dashboard allows secure access so these marketers can implement campaigns that target relevant offers to those customers likely to buy these additional products. Access to the OneAnalytix Dashboard system can be on a subscription basis, one-off, revenue sharing or in any other manner that makes economic sense to all parties. The core of the system is that a probabilistic estimate of likelihood to buy is calculated for the relevant product set from the marketers for each individual participant in the loyalty program.

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